Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Elliotte is 12 Months!

So, she's really already 13 months. But let's pretend I'm not actually a whole month behind! :)

Sweet Elliotte! A whole year old already, man that happened fast!! We had her one year well check last week. This little girl is a peanut for sure! She is smaller in every measurement than Addy was at a year. I grow tiny little people apparently, and cute to boot!!

Weight: 18 pounds 5 ounces        20th percentile
Height: 28 inches                       7th percentile
 Head: 17 inches                        6th percentile
My sweet little munchkin is still mostly wearing 9 month clothes with a few 12 month pieces starting to mix in. She still wears size 3 diapers and has 9 teeth! A molar has finally broke through with more on the way! Elli is a brutal teether! :(
This little nugget is officially unstoppable. She decided one day about two weeks before her birthday that she was going to walk. And she did...and hasn't stopped! She is a go getter and is already trying to run to keep up with Addy!
Elli is in no hurry to talk, although she does tons of yelling and screaming. She is very loud little thing, but no consistent words yet. She does randomly mock a word I say, but nothing on her own hardly.
She is still our stubborn, strong willed, and feisty little lady! She is a queen at tantrums already. She has just recently begun picking fights with Addy and it usually involves, hitting and hair pulling. Yikes! Addy is so patient and understanding! I am definitely thankful for the age gap in the two since Addy is old enough to help Elli understand rather than engaging in full  out war!

Although Addy is usually the source of Elli's revenge, she is still her favorite person and best friend ever! She gets so excited to get Addy from school and loves to play in big sis's room more than anything! Addy and Elli have recently started their own tradition of having 'naked time' every night right after bath. They run around and scream and dance. Elli just thinks it is the best thing ever!
Elli is still a serious little thumb sucker. She is a pretty good sleeper at night now. We had a few horrible teething nights followed by a little sickness, but all is well again.

The biggest accomplishment for Miss Elliotte this month was that we completely weaned from breastmilk to whole milk. She was really a champ about the whole process and only revolted a few times! It was a very bittersweet thing for me. I am so proud of us for making it to a year! We saved some mega bucks, but more than that I feel like it created a bond between me and this little beauty that I can't describe! What a lucky mama I am!! :)

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  1. She is adorable & I can't believe how petite she is! Sadie was always really small until she got close to her first birthday & then she finally caught up. Now she's about average :) But Sadie has always had a really small head & I've never known anyone else who had a head as small as her - but it sounds like Ellie might be close!