Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elliotte's First Birthday Party

We had originally scheduled to have Elli's bday party early in December to separate it from the holidays a bit. However, the ice storm forced us to reschedule to the 14th of December. It was so much fun and sweet! My little girl was blessed by many!
This was one of my favorite parties. I am a huge fan of pink and gold so this was fun to make things for. Of course, all the cute printables are done by my good friend who has the Topsy Turvy Print Shop.

Family picture!
 Elli got so many adorable new clothes and toys!

 Elli and my parents, Granny and Grandpa
Elli and Bradley's parents, Nana and Papa

This little girl LOVED her cake! She sat in her high chair for a long time just chowing down while the other kids ran and played around her.

She even tried to just pick the whole thing up and shove it in!
The aftermath: she managed to eat an entire layer of cake and started in on the second!
Thank you to all who came and made it special, or to those who couldn't make it but still send their love! :)

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  1. How fun! I remember you saying that you had to cancel her party so I am glad you got to reschedule it! I loved the theme & the girls' outfits :)