Thursday, March 20, 2014

Valentine's Day

Being room mom for Addy's preschool class has been my favorite job ever! I love being a stay at home mom now that has the luxury of doing these things! We had an ice cream party for Valentine's. The kids loved it and had a great time.
Addy and her sweet best friend, Landri.

Landri's mom and I cut a deal. I made the girls' cards for their friends and she made the pants. I had a much simpler task ahead of me! :) These could not be more precious though!

This little girl wasn't so into party day. But man she looked cute, thanks to her fairy godmother!

On valentines day, Addy was treated to her royal bath again this year while sister napped. She loves the rose petals and fun pink water!

We had to have a festive lunch also.
And of course, our main squeeze gave all his girls some flowers. I love that he pulled out a separate one for each girl. You can imagine how much that made their day!
My sweet beautiful girls! I love taking their picture in this same spot on the same bench for each occasion. It will be so fun to watch them grow and change right here.

We spent Valentine's night watching my sister Hannah playing her last basketball game of her high school career. It was a heartbreaking loss of a playoff game...even after an overtime.
My man and I didn't get to do anything special for Valentine's day this year. We didn't even exchange gifts. But a week later Bradley surprised me with a new lens for my camera. I love that he pays attention to my interests enough to surprise me with such fun gifts! I have had a blast learning to use my new toy!

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