Monday, December 23, 2013


As most of you know, the DFW area of Texas experienced a ice storm for the books the first weekend of December. I must admit that it brought quite a bit of bad attitude for this mama. We had to cancel and reschedule a ridiculous amount of events...including Elliotte's first birthday party. However, after my pity party ended, we decided to embrace this weather and the togetherness it brought and get outside in it!
To say that Addy loved it is an understatement. She drug Bradley out in it for hours at a time. She would come in to warm up a little and be ready to head right back out! This girl usually isn't too fond of the outside so we were surprised how much fun she had!
Elli on the other hand thought it was completely over-rated.

Those two made up all sorts of contraptions for riding. It was the one time each year here in Texas that we wished we had a sled!

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