Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elliotte is 11 Months

Miss Elliotte is 11 months old! One.more.month until her BIRTHDAY!! So insane how fast this year flew! What a special little lady this one is!

As you can see pictures are becoming nearly impossible and bows are not acceptable attire to Elli at all. I weighed Elli at home the other day and she is about 17.5 pounds. She is wearing 9 month clothing and is still in size 3 diapers. My teeny little girl now has 8 teeth!
Elli is a crawling machine! She is very quick and into everything! She is able to stand unassisted and does so very often. She has taken a step or two many times, but shows no real interest in taking anymore. I am so completely okay with her waiting until after Christmas to start really walking! :)
She is still a grunter and growler. She can say mama and dada but doesn't use it consistently. She has started saying night-night and occasionally Addy, but mostly just mocks sounds that we make right now.
She is still a very feisty and opinionated little diva. Elli has begun mastering the full temper tantrums. If Addy has something that she decides she wants if it is not handed over immediately she throws her body to the floor and screams. Then she stops and looks to see if she has persuaded Addy to hand over whatever it is. If not her show continues. She is such a strong willed little girl!
Elli is  really picking up her thumb-sucking this month. While adorable, I am a little concerned she may be one to suck her thumb forever! :) It is quite nice though that she is able to soothe herself so much easier with it!
Elli's favorite person is still Addy. She absolutely adores her and tries so hard to make her laugh. They play together and fight together. I love the sister bond they have already. The back seat of the car is my favorite time to listen to them. They squeal, sing,'s music to this mama's ears!
We have begun the weaning process these last couple of weeks. Elli is down to 4 feeds a day. We have given her whole milk a handful of times and she loves it, thankfully. We will begin giving it regularly in a few more weeks. I am hoping for a smooth transition. Right now she is unwilling to give up a breastfeeding. I have tried whittling down to three and she just isn't having it yet.
We are getting much more sleep around this house at night! Thankfully! The consolation is that naptimes are seeming to dwindle. She takes a cat nap in the morning and then a little longer nap in the afternoon! I am not complaining at all! I will take less naps for solid nights any day!
My sweet little firecracker! I am feeling so sappy over your first birthday. It has came so fast. You are a joy to our lives and continually crack us up! I can't wait to celebrate your birthday so soon!

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  1. I can't believe she is almost one - I didn't realize she was that old already :) She is adorable!