Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

What a fun Halloween day we had! I spent many hours gearing up for Halloween this year, and every second was worth it!

Bradley joined in his office costume contest this year as an Warrior Indian. He had a very specific idea of what he was going for and I worked hard to make it come to life. He won the contest, and looked absolutely awesome!!

Addy and Elli were the oh-so-adorable Snow White and Dopey. I was more than pleased of how the costumes came together after a few minor blunders.

We went up to church for the Fall Festival. Addy met up with her best friend Landri, who was Princess Rapunzel for the night. Her mom sewed every single strand of the hair! It was absolutely genius and looked amazing!!

We enjoyed a night with friends, fun, and waaaay to much candy!

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