Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Day

Wee School that Addy attends 3 days a week had Pumpkin Day on Thursday. Elli and I went up there to spend the morning with Addy going through different activities. It was lots of fun and my little pumpkin had a blast!
Elli was enjoying herself through most of it. She had to sacrifice her morning nap so by the end she was d.o.n.e.! :)

They started in the classroom with a special snack and story.

Then they made a picture frame for art time:

Then it was off to music, which is Addy's favorite class ever! Today she had set up an obstacle course. It was too funny watching all these little people maneuver through it!

Then we were off to a hay ride. It was such a beautiful day for it!

The hayride dropped the kids off at the pumpkin patch where each kid got to look around and choose their perfect pumpkin.

It was the perfect photo op for Addy and her bff Landri. These are the sweetest friends ever!
Then the kids went to stretch and grow. They got some serious exercise in.

Then perhaps every kids favorite part, but my own. Addy is extremely anxious around animals of any kind. She was a trooper and even attempted a few pets. We were the last in and first out, but I was proud of her efforts.

An attempt at getting a pic of all three of us. Next time we will do this first. These were some tired kids at this point!

 They finished the morning on the playground. This was when we headed home to get an overly tired baby a nap. She was over pumpkin day. :)

What a great day! I love getting to be a part of these days with Addy. She is growing too fast and I don't want to miss a moment with her!

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