Friday, October 25, 2013

Elliotte is 10 Months!

Miss Elli is 10 months old. She is still wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. She had two more teeth break through this month bringing the grand total to 7!!

Elliotte is a quick little girl! She is a speedy crawler and has gotten insanely fast at cruising around the coffee table (especially if I absent-mindedly lay my phone down)! She will turn loose frequently and stand on her own. She does not like walking right now. If you hold her hands and attempt to help her walk, her legs turn to noodles and she refuses to stand. We are in no hurry for her to start walking though so it doesn't bother us! :)

Elli has twice now patted my arm and obviously called me mama! Yes, she said mama before dada! That's every momma's dream, right? :) She is a babbler of all kinds of sounds now and will sometimes mock sounds that I make. More comical than her babbling though, is her completely unladylike way of communicating, grunting. She is extremely vocal and loud with her caveman style hollering and grunting!

Elli has a one-of-a-kind personality. She is a feisty little booger. She gets so mad over some of the silliest things. She is very moody and will go from totally happy to totally angry in 2.5 seconds. When she is happy though she is hilarious! She is a bit of a class clown and the harder we laugh at her the more she performs. (I know, scary!!) Her stranger anxiety is slowly settling down. She still hands out dirty looks like candy on Halloween, but all in all her full meltdowns are becoming fewer and farther between.
She love, love, LOVES her big sister. She spends all day chasing her big sis and trying to get her full attention. Addy is an absolute amazing sister who always takes time to play and entertain Elli. She can get Elli giggling and squealing like none other. They already share such a special relationship. On days that Addy is at school Elli can often be found sneaking into Addy's room to see what she can get into while sister is away! Her favorite time of day is the car ride home after picking Addy up from school. The squeals and giggles are priceless!

Elli is an adventurous little stinker. She loves to put absolutely anything in her mouth, and attempt to get into anything that she knows is off limits. She is a strong willed child for sure. She has already mastered the full on tantrum.

Elli is nursing still 4 times a day. She is a serious meal lover! She is an aggressive eater with little patience for me cutting up food. She is a banana fanatic!! She loves to drink her water out of her straw cup.
Elliotte still absolutely hates sleep. I think she has convinced her older sister to team up with her. I will just leave it at that.... **yawn!!!**

Oh Sweet Elliotte! I can't believe how fast your first year is flying by! Slow down little one! :)

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