Saturday, October 5, 2013

Perfect start to Fall

Cool air, rustling leaves, pumpkins displayed, sweaters, boots, and hot chocolate.
My favorite time of year is quickly becoming fall!
Although fall has technically already started according to the calendar...we kicked off what felt like the official start of fall this morning. This glorious cool front made it so obvious that the holidays are right around the corner!
We had plans to be gone this whole weekend, but they fell through. Instead, we decided to make it a family weekend, party of 4!! We had a family movie night last night. We blew up the air mattress, ate ourselves silly, and enjoyed Wreck it Ralph together. It was a cute movie!
This morning we continued our family weekend with a little sleeping in and playing in jammies. Addy and Bradley went outside to play in the cool air and quickly returned for warmer clothes! It was too beautiful to not be out, so we made plans to spend the better part of the afternoon in the great outdoors!!
We packed lunches and headed to Eagle Mountain Lake.

We set up a camp in the back of our car and had a great little picnic.

After our picnic we set off on one of the many hiking trails they have. We ended up doing about 2 miles of hiking.
We made it all the way down to the lake's edge where we took a much needed break and played around for a bit!
Look at this view! Such a peaceful and serene view.
Addy had fun finding things to throw in the water, while Elli had a fun yanking daddy's hat around for a bit!


We even managed a few family selfies with everyone smiling!!
We obviously wore the kids out on our hike because this was the way the girls looked by the time we got back to the car.

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