Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Royal Ball

Addy's 4th birthday party was the first one that she chose herself. What else would a little girl want more than their very own Royal Ball Princess party!

My sweet friend Natalie did all the designing for me. You really need to head over, like yesterday, and check out her etsy shop. She is amazing to work with and the most creative person you will ever meet! Seriously, go now! It won't hurt my feelings at all! :)

Addy started the day with a blueberry muffin, her favorite breakfast currently, complete with candles. We sang to her and she got to open her present from me and Bradley. Princess dresses galore of course!

We played off of a sophisticated modern princess twist using the silhouettes of each princess. Test your Disney knowledge...can you name them all?

Every princess needs a little glitter and glam! 
Addy was most concerned with the cake's arrival. Since it was ordered from a bakery and delivered (By my awesome sis-in-law) right before the party she had several near melt downs about the 'forgotten cake.' I was redeemed when she finally saw the candles going in!

Addy's party was an absolute blast thanks to all of her cousins and friends that came and made it special! We have been blessed with the greatest family and friends a family could ask for! Sweet Addy talked about her "Number 4 Party" for days after it ended!

Even this little princess had a great time and got lots of loving from all of our guests!

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