Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Addy is 4!

Oh man. What a birthday this was. The first year that Addy seems to really understand it all. She was very involved in her party. She was very aware of the big day and we counted down to it. She is growing and changing into such an amazing little lady. I am so proud to be her mommy!!

Her 4 year Dr. visit was a great success! She is growing just fine and is a tiny thing still, but since she is growing proportionately the Dr. wasn't concerned. She had to get 4 shots that she took so well. She is a tough girl!

Height: 40 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
Addy is an active little girl still. SO much energy in that tiny body. She loves to play chase and hide and go seek. She is getting much more coordinated and loves to show off her 'balance' and ballerina moves!

Addy is a sweet big sister. She is really starting to bond with Elli and will go to great lengths to try and get a smile or laugh from her. She loves to get in her face and let Elli go nuts pulling on her hair and trying to bite her nose! Addy giggles so hard and it is very contagious. We all end up giggling!

Addy is still the smartest little girl I know. She is a master at puzzles, can already do basic addition and subtraction with numbers 1-5. She can identify all letters and their sounds. She counts through 20 and is beginning to venture on up even more. She loves to draw pictures and write words with guidance. She definitely got her daddy's brain!

Addy is a princess expert. The girl knows anything you need to know about any princess right down to the shoes and jewelry they wear with what dress! She spends 90% of her time pretend playing princess. Her favorite is getting married. It is a topic that comes up so frequently. She, for the longest, was so broken hearted that she wasn't going to marry her daddy. I think we've talked her into a few other prospects now! :)
Her daddy is still her favorite person in the world! She gets so excited when he gets home each evening and so looks forward to his 'stay home days.'
Sweet Addy Rae,

What a precious little girl you are! I cannot wait to see what big things you accomplish this year! I love your energy and have been so blessed to stay at home with you this year!

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