Saturday, July 20, 2013

Elliotte is 7 months!!

Elliotte is 7 months old. We are on the downslide to 1 at this point! Yikes!!

Elliotte is becoming quite the little charmer. She is finally able to hand out smiles to all.
Most of the time anyway. If mama or daddy are close. She is beginning to really remember extended family and show them some love too! She still has the prettiest blue eyes that I really don't think will change. Miss Elli has two of the cutest little teeth and is showing signs that more may appear soon. She is wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. She is still quite the petite little thing. She has the tiniest feet you've ever seen on a pair of the chunkiest thighs!

As you can see this little girl is sitting with ease these days, can get into crawling position from here as well. She is a talker and a screamer. She loves testing out the ranges of her voice. Her jumperoo is her favorite hang out and going on walks in the stoller is her favorite afternoon activity! She loves crinkle blocks, taggies, and any remote.

Elli is absolutely obsessed with her Big Sis still. She tries so hard to crawl, scoot, lunge, or use any possible means to get to her when on the floor. Bathtime with both girls is priceless time. Elli just about falls over from giggling at her silly sister every single night. I end up giggling at the two of them giggling. My favorite part of the day for sure!
Elli is still nursing every 3 hours but we are slowly pushing it back to every 4 hours. She has become a very distracted eater and is much more efficient at filling her belly. She is eating solids twice a day and loves her food! 
Elli was finally sleeping through the night! However, it only lasted a week and she got a ugly cold so we have been up a lot more. Once she is back to healthy I think she will sleep all night again no problem. She is still napping 3 times a day.
 Sweet Elliotte is still my little diva. She has gotten me called out of Sunday School several times because the poor ladies in the nursery tried everything to calm her with no success. Every time it happens she pretty much just wants her mama. She is working the system already! This little stinker loves to be held and snuggled all the time. Daddy is becoming her favorite wrestle buddy. She is a dare devil, Lord help me, and the rougher you play the more she giggles.

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