Friday, February 22, 2013

Elliotte's first ER visit

OH what a night!!! Poor sweet Elliotte started getting sick a few weekends ago. I took her to an Emergency road down the way to determine if it was anything serious. That was on a Saturday night about 6:30 in the evening. She tested positive for RSV. Because she was so tiny they wanted to transport her via ambulance to Cook Children's to be admitted. I refused the transport and Bradley and I took her ourselves.
We got to Cooks at 8:30 that evening and were shuffled quickly into an ER room since we had transfer paperwork. We were hoping to be given a room quickly so we could get some dinner and rest.

Well of course, this time of year ER's are flooded with sickness. We ended up getting pushed down the list many many times. Poor sweet girl was miserable and we were exhausted...and starving!!
 We finally saw the ER doctor that didn't think that she did indeed need to be admitted. We were relieved, but frustrated. We ended up spending over 4 hours in Cooks and another hour in the first ER all for one good suction and some nose drops....

Poor baby

This poor sweet girl was exhausted and miserable!! We got to crawl into bed about 3 am for a not so restful night! Lucky for us Elli beat RSV way easier than Addy did. Mostly because we caught it before it got to her lungs!! She recovered super fast and we are so greatful! Although the whole ER stay was super frustrating, we did receive good care and had some great nurses!!

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