Thursday, January 21, 2010


I mentioned in my earlier post that Addy was feeling pretty crummy. We things started getting worse so on Tuesday we took her in to the pediatrician. She was diagnosed with RSV. They sent us home with a neubulizer and lots of breathing treatments. She was having a lot of trouble breathing, but they thought it should be at the peak and she should start feeling better in the next day or so.
Well after two breathing treatments on Tuesday things were still looking bad, and about 9:00 that night it got even worse. Her breathing got much faster, more shallow and the wheezing seemed to be louder and more strained. We made the call to head to the Emergency Room about 9:30pm. After about two hours of waiting they got us to a room. They monitored her for quite some time. She was having trouble keeping her blood oxygen levels up to a good range. They were actually dropping scary low for a while. They put her on an oxygen tube right away. It was a pretty long and miserable go in the ER. She would fall asleep and they would come in to do something or check and wake her up. She to have an IV also. That got her so riled up she threw up. It took a good while to calm her back down. They came in and told us she was going to be admitted until her she was able to go without oxygen. We finally got to her room at 3am after nearly six hours in the ER. Once in her room they had to use a deep suction to try and get some mucous out of her lungs. That was the most heart wrenching thing I have ever seen. They stick a catheter down her nose into her lungs to sung out any of the crud they can. It is amazing how much better she felt afterwards, but it looks so aweful. It was a long sleepless night for us all. She was so scared and uncomfortable that she did not get any rest.

Yesterday was probably an even worse day. She could not get comfortable and rest unless I was holding her. We just rocked all day, except of course the hours of times she was being given something, listened to, or just going nuts from the steriods. That is just crazy is how nuts they make her. She gets so angry and won't hardly let us touch her. She just screams until she is so tired that she literally will collapse in our arms from exhaustion. She was able to come down a half liter on the oxygen yesterday evening. Our pediatrician came by yesterday and is wanting to take a pretty aggressive approach to get her off the oxygen ASAP. I was glad to hear that. We are so ready to take her home.

She actually slept pretty good last night. She actually slept through most of the night minus an hour or two. Bradley and I each got about four hours sleep, so we are feeling a little more refreshed. She seems to be resting easier and breathing is sounding so much clearer. They even just decreased oxygen a little bit ago to 1 Liter. Yeah!

This has been a whirlwind insane ride. There is nothing in the world to make you feel more helpless than watching them poke and prode at your baby. She has been a super tough girl! It has been such a different experience than when I was here to have her. I thought that nurses were so tentative and great always checking on me and helping out. These last few days have created more of a love hate relationship with all the nurses. I get so mad when they come in because I know they are going to tick her off. It seems like they are shouting when they come in and she has just fallen asleep. I just want them all to go away and leave us alone. However, when she is having trouble breathing and needs suctioning or a treatment I want them to be Johnny on the Spot. My whole perspective changed when they are messing with my baby and not me. I have become a protective Mama Bear that doesn't want anyone messing with my cub. Don't get me wrong...the nurses and doctors have been so great and helpful. They are working hard to get her off the oxygen and all better. Her pediatrician is skeptical about us going home tonight now. He is afraid she will relapse if he releases her to quick. Although I don't want to be here...I really don't want to take her home and have a relapse. I will keep you up to date on the sweet girl. Here are a few pictures of her we have taken. She is actually trying to play in between the treatments and the exhaustion!
***Disclaimer: I typed this at the speed of light in between all the commotion. I have no idea if it makes sense or if I spelled anything right.***

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