Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slices of Life Vol. 2

Kids say the darnest things....and mine is no different!! A few quotes from Miss Addy!

I don't even remember what Addy asked for, but I replied no.
"Mom, you don't have to get cranky with me!"

While still pregnant she pats my belly one morning and says, "Wow Mom, Elli must be getting big!"

Talking about Elli coming Addy tells me "I'm the big sister and you're the big Mama!"

Her cousins were leaving after spending the night at Nana's and she is telling them bye.
"I love you, but I just can't go with you!"

Getting dressed one morning while still hugely pregnant. Addy walks over in her sweetest voice tells me, "Mama, good job! That shirts fits you. See I can't see your belly button (through the shirt) that means it fits!"

While hurrying into Target in the cold weather Addy informs me, "Mama, you need fast shoes...yours are kind of slow!"

Mama, you have crazy hair. You look like a teacher today!

Apparently I was bugging her one day while riding in the car together. Instead of answering one of my questions she says, "Mama, I think it's time for you to go to heaven now."

While I was frantically trying to shower before feeding Elli (about 2 weeks old) Addy comes running into the bathroom. I said, "Is Elli being patient?"
Addy, "Yeah."
Me: Sounds like she's still crying.
Addy: "Yeah, she's crying because she has to be patient."

While playing outside with Addy she was begging me to play fetch and be the dog. I was refusing. As she is barking orders I said, "Addy, you're bossy!" "Yes Mama, but following my rules is very important!"

A conversation I overheard with her and her cousin Cooper.
Addy: "I play with my dad and he hurts me."
Cooper: "I play with my dad too."
Addy: "Yeah my dad likes hurting people. But don't worry, I died him!"

Addy kept complaining about her leg hurting.
Me: I'm just going to cut your leg off.
Addy: No mom, thats what you do to sandwiches.
Me: You cut sandwiches?
Addy: Yeah and boogers.
Me: Boogers???
Addy: Yeah, not boogers in your nose, but boogers you cook!

I had got Addy clothes one morning to get dressed quickly. As she is putting on the shirt..
Addy: Mom did you get me clean panties?
Me: No, I forgot.
Addy: Good thing I like to wear the same dirty panties!

Addy: Dad knows.
Me: Who?
Addy: You know, that guy named Bradley!

While talking about birthdays in the car.
Addy: I don't want to be 4!
Me: How come?
Addy: I'm not ready to be bigger! I need to stay 3 longer first!

Randomly at lunch one day after watching Doc McStuffins, Addy tells me. "Mom,  I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up.
Me: I think that's an awesome idea. Who are you going to help?
Addy: Mommy's maybe. Or toys...I just don't know yet!

Addy was supposed to be napping one day, but judging from the commotion, I knew otherwise. I go in her room and she is halfway in the window sill with the blinds pulled all the way up. She is just sitting there singing. She sees me come in and says, "Oh, hey mom! I just getting my shunshine for today!"

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