Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 37

What a little diva! Notice the mittens...Girl's got style! :)
Weight: Up more pounds. About 27 total.

Exercise: I am doing good to get myself off the couch. However, I have done lots of cleaning and unpacking so I am still active. But when I sit down I usually fall alseep.

Sleep: Like I said, if I am still for more than 2 seconds I doze. The exhaustion is hitting hard right now!!

Movement: My sweet little ninja is now how I refer to the earthquake in my belly!!! Hehe! Little girl isn't as constantly active as Addy was, but when she moves...everyone can see it! Bradley thought she was busting out the other night. I, on the other hand, was less amused and nearly in tears from the pain!!! Little stinker!!

Dr. Appt: All is still well with Elliotte. She is just growing and moving like crazy! She is head down, but keeps shifting her head from the cervix to my hip. She definitely hasn't dropped yet like Addy had at this point, but they say thats pretty typical of 2+ pregnancies. It is down to 1 week before I get to cuddle that little girl and kiss those chubby cheeks that the ultrasound tech keeps pointing out!! :)

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