Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 38

In the words of Porky Pig......THAT'S ALL FOLKS....

Welp, folks. It's been real, but time for me to jump off this pregnancy train! One last belly picture for the world. I am overly excited to meet this sweet girl! I cannot believe she is on her way!

Weight: I ended up at almost exactly 30 pounds up. Pretty sure I am walking in the hospital weighing exactly what I did with Addy. Crazy how your body just dictates those things.

Exercise: I have been a walking fool trying to progress to make for an easier labor. On top of that I have just been super busy nesting!

Sleep: I am so tired, but not really sleeping either.

Movement: My little ninja is still just a moving and dancing. She is a big little thing and seems to be quite busy these days.

Dr. Appt: Well I have had an eventful week to end on. I have been saying all along that its a bit of a bummer to me that being induced both times that haven't had the excitement of "Oh Lord, it's time!!"

Well it came back to bite me! Sitting at dinner with some wonderful friends Sunday night I got a personal phone call from my doctor telling me that he was looking at lab work and my platelets were concerning. He wanted me to call and then head to Labor and Delivery. Talk about freak out!! I missed his call so called back to the on-call nurse to figure out exactly what in the world was going on. After much phone tag they informed me that at my appt. last week the platelets came back at 86 thousand. They have been above 100 now for quite some time, so he was very alarmed. The nurse said that I needed to get to the hospital asap and that they would most likely induce that night or first thing in the morning. MIND BLOWN!!!!

I had not even packed a hospital bag. Oops!! Bradley and I rushed home and our sweet friends took Addy until my parents got there. We hurriedly packed our bags tossed the car seat in the car (literally) and headed to the hospital.

Once we got there things slowed way down. We were ushered to triage where they rechecked platelets and hooked me up to monitors to check on Elliotte. Things were good with little sweetie and my platelets came back at 102. Puzzling, but they wanted to keep me overnight to reassess in the morning. They put my in a delivery room and treated me like I was to be induced. Not drinking or eating, etc. They withheld my lovenox shot in case of induction as well.

First thing in the morning my OB came and checked me. I was dilated to a 2 with a very soft cervix!! Good news! He said that they would see what platelets were and check on Elli via ultrasound and then make a final decision, but he seemed to think she would need to come.

Well, platelets came back at 102 again and my sweet girl was absolutely perfect in all aspects of the ultrasound as was fluid. She weighed in at 6 pounds 7 oz. I can't wait to see how accurate that is.

So we were sent home to continue to impatiently wait out this week! I have to admit, I was a bit relieved to get home. I haven't sat down since I got back. I am nesting so much anyway and now the reality of Elliotte coming is here and I have SO much to do still!!

AND THEN....Wednesday I get a call from the drs. office that they want me to come in and check platelets one more time to see if they were still stable. I had the blood draw Wednesday and was told they would let me know at my appt. Thursday. So again, I rushed home, packed bags, wrapped the last 2 Christmas presents and was TOTALLY ready to go just in case.

Well, good thing. On our way to the office I began to feel immense pressure in my lower belly. I got super nauseated and was dizzy as ever. It continued through my whole appt. The nurse told me right away that my platelets were good, so that was a relief. I told her how I was feeling and she sent me to get my sonogram done to check everything out on last time. During the sonogram I began to feel so much worse. I honestly don't remember anything that she really said, except Elliotte still was good. As I was getting up to go the drs. room, I apparently collasped on Bradley. They laid me back down and I had an 'episode.' I can only imagine what proceeded next as I came back to with several nurses, techs, and my doctor standing around me with Bradley. I remember my dr. saying I was having that baby today... he wasn't chancing anything.

I was checked before I left and was already dilated to nearly a 3 and was 75% effaced. My dr. felt that I was definitely starting labor and felt that it should be a smooth process getting Elli here. While I was finishing up Bradley was busy getting my parents on their way to come get Addy, who was a little worried about all the commotion and going ons. We headed straight to the hospital. I felt a little better, still dizzy, but began contracting soon after that...
So ready or not, ELLIOTTE WAS COMING!!!!

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