Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 36

Weight: Oh I don't know. Somewhere around 25 pounds total now, I think.

Exercise: How is painting and cleaning and moving?? I had more than enough exercise this week! ;)

Sleep: I was so wiped out each day that I have crashed!

Movement: Little turkey gave me a good scare this week. I could not get her moving at all! Like 3 hours of her busy time and there was nothing! I haven't been too concerned with her movement this pregnancy because they seem to flucuate. The dr. office called to remind me of my appt. the next day so I went ahead and asked to come in and be checked. By the time I got there I was really getting concerned. However, I knew the second they started checking on her that she would kick it into full gear. They did the ultrasound and she was obviously moving, but very sluggish. Since that is a cause for major concern with my condition, they hooked me up to the monitors and had me hang around. Well those belly straps were enough to wake my little ninja! She went to fighting and kicking so much they could hear her on the monitor in the hall and rushed in thinking something messed up. Nope, just my firey little one. Since that she has made stinking sure this mama doesn't try pinning her down with anymore monitors and has been a fierce mover!!

Dr. Appt: I had a wonderful chat with my high risk dr. on Tuesday of this week. He was very open and upfront about everything that could happen with my delivery and how much it mattered if it was prior or after Christmas. He seemed very concerned with waiting until after Christmas and said that he would want me to come in every other day if not every day to be monitored at we got that close to 39 weeks. He thought optimal time was right at 38 weeks. He explained how the placenta would begin aging so quick at that point and everyday after would be a bit of a gamble. He was honest in saying that the risk isn't just huge that I would lose Elliotte, but it was a real risk. He said the rate of stillborn in a normal pregnancy is about .1/1000. However, with my diseases my risks increases to 5/1000 (when under treatment). Obviously not a massive risk, but a huge increase from a normal pregnancy.

He also explained to me that the lupus could become an issue at delivery. He said to prepare for a flare that will possibly be the worse I have ever had. He wants a rheumatologist to come check on me at the hospital before I leave and from there on out if I have an issues at all. It made me a little nervous, because that will be pretty rough if it flares and I am trying to adjust to a newborn.

After seeing my high risk on Tuesday I went back to my OB Thursday. We discussed the same things and he set my delivery date for December 22nd. I am a little bummed I will be getting out of the hospital on Christmas eve, but I am so relieved to have her here at 38 weeks. It would be a worrisome Christmas with lots of hospital time checking on her otherwise! We are estatic to meet Miss Elli and are counting down the days!!

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