Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 33

And I'm back after a 3 week hiatus with no picture of the belly. Mostly, I've been so bad about getting the board made! You can tell the effort is definitely lacking on these last couple!!

Weight: Another pound up. 21 pounds. Not quite sure I will keep it under my 25 pound goal! :) Especially since Thanksgiving is in there...I am SO excited about all the yummy desserts!

Movement: This little girl has gotten very jerky and intensive with those wiggles. She is doing less kicking and more whole body moving. Plus she is getting so squished that every little hand thump makes my belly jump!

Exercise: I got back on the treadmill this week. I just did 30 minutes of walking, and it was tiring. Mostly, it just kills my hips and back to be booking it anywhere! :)

Sleep: I am beginning the downhill slope of sleep again. Its not Elliotte that is waking me up, she sleeps great at night, it is just the legs falling asleep and the amount of effort it takes to roll over these days!

Dr. Appt: I went back to the high risk dr. this week. Miss Elliotte is weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces now. She is still head down, hiney up! I had been quite concerned about Elli's lack of leg movement that I had been feeling, but he assured me all was fine. My placenta is on top (as most people's are) but mine is a little more forward than usual so there is a cushion there and that is why I often don't feel her feet moving around. All looks good and getting so real!! She will be here soon!

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  1. I love her pose on this one! Such a ham! And is this the same homeless kid from the post below? Haha! That girl has got some crazy hair!