Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 32

Another belly-less picture. Instead, enjoy the post-nap hairdo that Addy is sporting!
So these are the things that I especially love right now. Chocolate is going to be the death of me!! I am not a normal sweets person, but oh man, have I eaten enough sweets this pregnancy to make a person ill! That and grape jelly! I eat grape jelly on something every morning for breakfast and then usually again on a PB&J for lunch. Capri suns is a new one. I love those little packages of yumminess!

Weight: Up another whoppin' pound. Officially 20 pounds up.

Movement: Little sweet girl has definite sleep and play cycles. Generally, if she is sleeping she doesn't wake up too easy. I'm hoping that is a sign of things to come! :)

Exercise: I have bought Bradley a cattle prod and it will be in full force to put me back on the treadmill this week. A 5 week hiatus is quite enough!

Sleep: I have napped way to much this week! But I am exhausted! I really think its just because of feeling bad all week and have great intentions to get motivated next week!

Dr. Appt: I saw the hematologist again this week as well as my OB. (Have I mentioned how sick Elli is of seeing Drs.??? ) :) Platelets seem to be stabilized right above 100. They were 102 today. Everything looks good and on track still there.

My OB appt. was uneventful this week. Elli is looking good and still baking!
And one final note, I finally gave myself a shot! Holler!! I just bit the bullet and did it one night. I knew Bradley would be out of town this last weekend and there was no reason to find someone else to do it when I was capable. So I did!!! Eek! I have to tell you, it takes some serious pep talking to shove a needle into your own stomach!

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