Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 31

Weight: Its another pound of chocolate to add to the tally. Total up: 19 pounds

Exercise: Umm....yeah

Movement: This girly is keeping me on my toes!! Good thing about her flip...way less back pain. Not so good thing...head in the ribs. Her movement is getting so intensive. Having her head in my ribs has made me so nauseous! It's first trimester morning sickness all over again! Blah!

Sleep: I am definitely getting the third trimester exhaustion, but thankfully that has helped me crash for the night with little interruption..aside from an occasionally bathroom trip.

Dr. Appt: Miss Elliotte has done a flip on us. She has been head down for nearly the entire pregnancy, but decided to do a flip Halloween night as I was laying on the floor trying to relieve some back pain. The sonogram confirmed what I already knew, her little head was butted up against my ribs. I am very hopeful that she will decide to flip back in the coming weeks.

They did a check this week to make sure I wasn't dilating yet... and all is good! Elliotte needs to stay put for at least 6 more weeks!!

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