Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Trick or treating this year was a extra special because Addy got to go with her cousins!
Cooper and Brody came into to town to get in on the candy haul with Addy! Have you ever seen two more candy hungry faces? ?

Since the boys and Jenny spent the afternoon with us, we said to heck with naps and had a little Halloween fun! First, Addy and Cooper made a Jack-o-lantern.
Then we got out the shaving cream and had a little ghostly fun!
And lastly these two were ready for a little Halloween dinner. They made their own Mummy wraps and really enjoyed dipping them in the bloody ketchup, as well as, eating up their ghostly banana and jack-o-lanterns.
After a good meal we got on the garb and headed out to fill those buckets!!
Brody was the cutest skeleton you've ever seen and the most laid back trick or treater ever!
We headed out with Your Highness Addy and Mike Wazowski.
These two had a good time hitting all the houses up for some yummy treats! And couldn't wait to get back home and enjoy the loot!
 And I know you are wondering why Bradley's hair is green...His awesome firm does a big Halloween costume party every year. I spent a whole day working on his costume, but I must say...
I've never seen a better looking Ninja Turtle!

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