Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 28

Oh my goodness it's here!!!

Addy 'decorated' the board for me this week!

Weight: Up 2 pounds this week. Totaling 14 pounds. Got to stop with the dessert!!!!

Exercise: I am doing the same thing still. Run 3 miles 3 times a week...weights the other 2 days.

Sleep: I am sleeping good. Really good. I feel like I have been drugged when I wake up in the mornings. Bradley is probably right, and my late bedtimes are not providing ample rest for me, because I am still exhausted when I wake up.

Movement: Elli has slowed down a lot this week. She already has such a personality. I love every morning that she wakes up when I do and I can feel her stretching out those legs. She is also a little ornery still. Anything that is pressed against my belly will meet the wrath of Elliotte! :)

Dr. Appt: Glucose test...so GROSS!! I did pass, but failed the iron test. I am already taking one dose of iron, but it still dropped. I am now on a prescription dose twice a day! Boo! Had another perfect sonogram. Drinking the glucose syrup first had Elliotte doing some serious squirming! Her heartbeat was 135.

 I had a good chat with my dr. about the plans for delivery. He still seems a little less than certain I will make it too much farther. He kept telling me my goal was 34 weeks. They were worried about my contractions and the slower movements Elli was having and kept reminding me to come in for either of those things. The biggest worry here is that my body cannot safely go into labor on its own, so if I am showing signs of labor I need to get to the hospital ASAP so that I am in a controlled environment and don't bleed out too badly.

However, I am a little more confident that Miss Elli is comfy enough to stay put until its time to go! We talked about the fact that 38 weeks is seriously Christmas and asked him what the plan would be. He said that the hospital would not schedule any inductions that close to Christmas and we would probably have to move up the date a few days. He is not comfortable letting me go past 38 weeks at all. Yikes! That is so close! I was glad that he reassured me that he would allow me an induction even that early since I had good luck with it for Addy. My goal is to go natural again, but my ultimate goal is getting a precious little girl here safely, no matter what! :)

It was a little surreal to be talking delivery dates, but SO exciting to think about getting this little girl here!

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