Monday, October 15, 2012

Running for Two!

I know you are wondering if I lost my mind. Don't worry, I think my family wondered the same thing! Yes I ran a 5K last my third trimester!! I decided at about 16 weeks that I was going to do it. I needed a reason to make myself continue to work out and run. I have been gearing up for it since then! I knew that I had to be realistic also, so I planned the race for the first weekend of my 3rd trimester!

I signed up for a memorial run in Prosper. It was a very small event. After we got there, Bradley decided he and Addy would do the 1 mile fun run! Addy was a little nervous lining up at the start!
 Bradley actually carried her a good part of the mile he said. They stopped and picked flowers along the way too! Haha! She ran about a quarter mile stretch at the finish.
 She got a little nervous when everyone started cheering for her to finish. But never fear, she pushed through and beat Daddy!!

Then it was my turn! My cheering squad had fun finding places to wave at me as I ran by!
I managed to finish without dying or going into labor, so it was successful! I'm not going to lie, it was rough. I was very sore afterwards. It may not have been the smartest thing I have ever done, but I can say that I ran a 5K in my third trimester! Mission accomplished!!!

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