Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 29

Down to the single digits in this weekly countdown!! 9 or less weeks to go!
 Warning: This post may contain shameful amounts of whining! Pity party of 1 going on this week!
Weight: Ugh....Yall I have hit a brick wall! This third trimester better zoom by!! I just want to eat everything I find!! Namely chocolate and sweets. I am NOT a sweets person normally, so this could be self destructive!!! So I will hang my head and admit that I gained 2 more pounds this week! Up an official 15 pounds. That just seems like a big number doesn't it!
Movement: Elliotte is getting big! (I'm sure you can't tell by the belly!) :) Her movements are so much more coordinated and strong. I am starting to have little knees, elbows, and feet poking out. It's not just random kicks anymore, but very obvious movements!
Exercise: Boy, I have been so lazy this week. I won't even tell how little I did. Back to it next week!
Sleep: I'm tired! I think most of my 'tiredness' this week was due to the lack of exercise though. Such a vicious cycle.
Dr. Appt: Nothing new to report. Very normal appt. Elli is still perfect! :)
On a brighter note:
Look what I got in this week!! So adorable I can hardly stand it! These are the girls hospital outfits! Addy was a little perturbed that she didn't get a hat to match her shirt! Haha!
 These came from Etsy Seller Magabys

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