Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 27

 Wow! Dangerously close to the third trimester!
 Haha! Addy's faces just keep getting better. I showed her the pic and asked if she wanted a redo, but she refused and thought this sufficient! On another note, that is another maternity shirt that I made! It has a bit of a muu-muu look, but it is super comfy!!

Weight: Up another pound. Technically only like a half pound, but who's counting? :)
12 total pounds
Movement: Elliotte flip flopped on me. She is still head down but now her rear is on the left and feet on the right. I am now able to tell when her little knees are pushing up against my belly and when she is just wiggling versus switching positions. She is a lot calmer than Addy. Her movements seem intentional now and not just a dance off for fun.

Sleep: I am actually enjoying my sleep right now. :)
Exercise: Same as last week. 3 miles on the treadmill 3 times a week. Strength training the other two days with a walk usually.
Dr. Appt: I went back to the perinatologist again this week. I really love going to see them just because of how much more clear their sonogram machine is. Everything is perfect. Little Miss was busy kicking around. She is absolutely precious. It is crazy on the newest sono machines, I could see her eyes open and close and her face looked so clear. I am in love with this precious girl! Heart rate was 141.

All measurements were taken and when he was done Doc commented, "Wow, this kid is big!" She now weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces! I am so glad that she is measuring ahead! It makes me a bit nervous that she will be huge, but I am glad that she will have some meat on her bones when she comes a bit early! :) It was pretty comical when he said that too. Addy shoots back with, "She's big now? Mama, Elli can come out now, she's big enough!" Poor girl...pregnancy has been an eternity to her!

This picture is one he got when she turned and looked at us. It was so much clearer on the screen, but I'm pretty sure she was smiling at us!

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