Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 22

Week 22:

Weight: Well it's happened. I am pretty much steadily gaining about a pound a week. I am up to 6 pounds gain right now. I am just hope to keep the weight gain to about that and I will still be within 25 pounds total gain. I am feeling a little depressed this week because I officially had to pull out the maternity shorts. I have held onto my normal shorts as long as I can, but they were really cutting into my belly and hurting. I can still wear a pair of my regular jeans and will as long as I can!

Exercise: I am still holding onto my workout. I have added in lunges and squats because I have read that there is so much benefit to those workouts during labor. Fingers crossed...

Sleep: It is actually getting a little better! Knock on wood!!!

Movement: No change here. The girl is a mover and a shaker!

Dr. Appt: My OB's office called this week and told me my iron levels dropped quite a bit since the last visit and put me in the anemic range. I was anemic with Addy, so not surprised. One more pill to add to the mix!
I also saw my hematologist this week. He was very optimistic about my platelets. At his office they were 119, which is the highest they have been in a while.
He said basically as long as they stay above the 50s that I will be able to deliver fine (minus the epidural of course), but that he doesn't start anyone on steriods unless they drop to the 30s!
He said if they are under 75ish by delivery time that he does have an injection they can give that will boost platelets up above 100, but it only lasts for about 2 weeks. So basically, I would go see him, get the injection and then deliver the next week!
I am hoping that this body of mine will cooperate and I won't have to mess with any of this, but I liked the options! I don't have to go back to him until 30 weeks! Yay!

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