Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week 23

Week 23

 I guess I'll go ahead and admit to the extra poundage this week...Up 8 pounds. :)

 I am dragging through my workouts this week. I am hoping that I can get a little more motivated next week. I am still doing them but not with the same excitement. I am, however, still able to run 3 miles on the treadmill at a 10 minute mile pace!!

 I have hit the stage of pregnancy where it is one side or the other. Being on my back isn't working for me anymore.

Miss Elliotte must have hit a bit of growth spurt again. I can always tell when she does because she moves a little slower for a few days and I get nauseous for those same few day! So overall she was a sleepy head this week!

Dr. Appt:
 I saw my high risk Dr. this week. This has got to be the most efficient office I have ever been to! I am in and out in less than 20 minutes usually and that includes wait time!! Miss Elli is just perfect and growing right on track. As I put on the board, she weighs 1 pounds 4 ounces right now! We got a perfect picture of all those fingers, toes, arms, legs, and even her face! She was sitting breech today and was much more cooperative! :)

 I am still trucking along with those stinking shots every night. Now that my uterus is above my belly button it is hard to pull loose skin to put the needle in and it is bruising worse again. Addy has lost almost all interest in it, I guess its a new normal now. However, she LOVES to give me shots with her doctor kit randomly throughout the day. But Elli, oh she HATES shot time! Bradley and I giggle every night because it doesn't matter where she is or whether she is sleeping or moving, she scoots over to where ever Bradley is holding the ice on and kicks like mad! It is precious to watch my belly bounce from those precious little feisty feet!

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