Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 21

Week 21

We waited so long to take the picture this week, Addy just did the honors for me!

Weight: I think I officially have to put 5 pounds. It has been teetering between 4 and 5 this week, but its probably time to bump it up...again! :)

Exercise: Still hanging on to my hour treadmill workout! I have been feeling SO good working out lately! I can tell the lupus is dormant right now. I forgot what normal energy feels like!

Sleep: Nothing good to say here. I should just quit talking about it because I seriously doubt its going to get any better!

Movement: This is terrible to say, but I am dreading that last trimester of this kid. She is already putting the hurt on. The never ending kicks have seriously made my belly sore to the touch. She is an big time partyier. I mean BIG TIME!!! Ouch!

Dr. Appt.: I had my last two week appt. this week. It was quick and painless! Got a few more pictures of Elliotte and did all the normal measurements. Baby girl is measuring right on track still and all is well. My fundal height is measuring at 17. I think this is odd because it was always dead on mostly for Addy each week, except towards the very end I measured small. I am measuring a lot smaller with Elli. Seems backwards, but Dr. isn't concerned.

She refused to cooperate at this ultrasound again. (Shocker!!) She is very stubborn at these appts. I love trying to guess the personalities of my kids from how they are in the womb. Scary enough, Addy mostly held true on everything. I am fearing Elli a little!

Dr. also said that I will have to get the IV of antibiotics at delivery again for the Strep B. I tested positive with Addy, and although I have been negative this pregnancy he said that once you are positive they always give you the IV to be safe. Sad day..I HATED that IV. It burned my veins so bad. I would get a million epidurals again to avoid that stinking antibiotic. But...what's a little suffering for a precious and healthy little girl!

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