Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slices of Life, Vol. 1

I have seen this on various other blogs and it always just cracks me up! Kids say the darndest things and mine is no different.

Miss Addy has developed quite the bubbly little personality and always makes me laugh. I have been making little notes on my phone as she throws out some random outburst, and will occasionally compile them on here for others to enjoy!

Some of these I realize may not be as funny to you as they are to Bradley and I, but I love that we can go back and read these when the teenage years of sarcasm are not so funny!! :)

  • Addy loves to occasionally opera sing with the loudest and high pitched sounds ever. One time we were out in public, so I told her she needed to be quiet because Elli was sleeping. The other day we are in the car headed to story telling and I was singing away. Addy says, "Mama, you need to be quiet. Elli is sleeping and you can't sing!"

  • I was laying in bed playing on my phone one morning while Addy was playing with her babies. She came  in and asked me to get her Mickey off her shelf. I replied, "Sure. Just a minute." With the most exasperated expression she mumbles. "This could take a year..."

  • Addy asked me to come help sing happy birthday to her babies. I said, "It sounds like you were doing a good job." Addy's response: "Come on mama, the more the merrier!"

  • The other day Addy wanted to use Bradley electric razor. We explained that girls don't need to shave their faces, they shave their legs. The next morning Addy gets up, marches to the bathroom gets his electric razor and announces. "Today, I need to shave my legs, mama!"

  • Sitting in the parking lot of Taco Casa as its pouring rain. Bradley and I are just sitting dreading the moment we take off getting soaked. We are whining about getting wet when Addy pipes up, "Well, I'm so hungry I could a whole zebra!" (Lion King quote,btw)

  • We took Addy to the playground in the neighborhood for just a few minutes the other night. It was nearly dark so Bradley told her she got 5 minutes to play. She played a little and then kept just sitting on the slide not going. Bradley told her she better play because she only had 3 minutes left. Her reply, "Wait daddy, 4 comes next!"

  • Apparently I use two phrases very frequently: What in the world? and What in the heck? Addy's newest phrase..."What in the heck world?"

  • Addy has been carrying twins in her belly for a few weeks now. :) She loves to compare notes with me on 'our babies'. When she first announced that she had a baby in her tummy, here was our convo.
Addy: "Mama, I have a baby in my tummy too, just like you!"
Me: "Really? You do?
Addy: "Yeah, but its OK mama, I got married first!"

    And I will leave you with the cutest little faces I've ever seen. This was easy entertainment at a baseball game and they crack me up!

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