Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week 18

Week 18
Addy wanted to draw this week so I turned her loose. Then she wanted her name on the board...and it accommodated my laziness today, so its a little lame this week! :)

Weight: Still sitting at one pound.
Sleep: I am one tired mama lately!
 I am not sleeping so great already! I toss and turn so much and never get to fall into a deep sleep. Boo for bad sleep!!
Workout: I am still doing an hour workout on the treadmill every day. I actually upped my workout this week. I am doing 5 miles per hour. While I am walking I do arm weights.
Movement: Elliotte is a laid back little one still. She is a onery little thing though. She will be busy kicking, but the minute Bradley puts his hand on my belly...she freezes. Its quite funny.
(Addy was the opposite..she loved to kick the fire out of Bradley!)
She also loves food more than Addy did. She gets the most active right now as soon as I finish a meal. Addy obviously has never cared for food. (Although, my mother in law pointed out that I did nearly starve Addy the first 16 weeks of pregnancy with only animal crackers to speak of!)
I am ever so amazed at how the personalities of my girls and the pregnancy itself is SO different!
I have had several folks asking how Addy has been handling the pregnancy.
She is SOOOOOO excited about the arrival of Miss Elliotte. She loves to talk about all the things that Elli will need when she gets here. She is constantly reminding me that we need to go shopping for her baby sister. Addy loves to lay on Elli and has recently been more interested in hugging my belly. I can't wait to see my sweet girls interact and have so much fun together!
Another appointment next week!
Can't wait to see my precious girly again!


  1. Please tell me how you are not gaining any weight! I need that to be me next time I'm pregnant! You look great by the way :-)

    1. Thanks Leslee! I really don't know...cause it PACKED on with Addy! Having a busy summer and chasing that energetic kid does most of it I think!! I do work out very hard every day for an hour and eats LOTS of fruit!!! :)