Friday, August 10, 2012

Week 19

Week 19
Halfway there!!!!
For me at least! Since 38 weeks is my max amount of time I get to celebrate half way a little early!

I am up 2 pounds finally. Held onto that one as long as I could. My doctor kind of flipped on me when he realized thats all I have gained this week. His words, "the baby is growing properly, but you're not!! And I don't have to tell many people that!" Haha! It was nice to hear I will admit! He even insisted that I start using Ensure drinks to pack on extra calories. I'm all for listening to drs., but I will probably not take that advice. I know the pounds will evenually pack on...just wait for it!!

Oh geez....what a liar Elliotte made me!! She decided that I called her 'laid back' one too many times! Game is on! She has been a nut this week! My kids are crazy in the womb. The best way I know to describe it is that it feels like they are having seizures. It will be like hours of straight constant movement. It may not be hard, but it is constant!!Addy did it to me almost the entire pregnancy. Elli has jumped on board.

 I am still holding onto my workout as much as I can. Hour a day on the treadmill with arm weights.

Oh sleep, where for art thou, sleep?????

Dr. Appointment:
I got to see sweet Elli again this week for our anatomy scan. She was not in the mood for modeling. Stubborn much? Same thing as the NT scan. She refused to move around to get the measurements done. My belly was sore from so much pushing and shoving by the tech trying to get it done!! But she is perfect. Growing like she should be! Heartrate was 152 and she was standing on her head the whole time refusing to move so they could measure my cervix!

I am going to now start seeing my hematologist again. My platelets are still dropping (although they were level this week). He mentioned that steriods may be necessary to give them a boost if they continue dropping like he thought they would. I really wish so many doctors appointments weren't necessary, but they are doing such a great job keeping up with me and Elliotte that I can't complain!

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