Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 17

Drum roll please....................................................

What a model!! Love Addy's face here!

Elliotte Dalene.
I love her name so much!!
(Yes, I got to pick it!!)
Elliotte: It was a name that I just kind of made up and fell in love with. Its a very masculine name...which I love. But with the feminine french ending- I just can't get enough!

Dalene: This is a family name. Bradley's mother's middle name...and her mother's. So both of my girls have 3 generational middle names. Which I also just love.

She will of course be called Elli most of the time I can imagine. Just as Addyson is Addy. Elli and Addy...I say it all the time just because I love the flow of my girls' names! I really like matchy, matchy names and this just fit the bill. Both girls have a full name that they can grow into and use when they are running the world some day! :) But both of my sweet girls have a nickname that is so sweet and girly, with just enough southern flair.

Addyson Rae
Elliotte Dalene
My mama heart is happy!!

17 weeks. Wow...I am nearly half way there!! Yikes!

I had my first appointment with the maternal-fetal specialist this week. Boy do those people know what they are doing! He checked Elliotte over so fast it was crazy! She, of course, checked out perfectly! She is going to be another little thing I think. She is already measuring a little behind. The doctors seem a little concerned, because low birth weight or growth problems are a major risk for me, but I feel sure that she will probably just be little like her {big} sister!

I did get some other tid bits of information from this doctor.
Like more sweet pictures of baby girl!
(And a conformation that she IS still a girl! :))
I have to go every 2 weeks until I hit 23 weeks and then it is EVERY week until I deliver!!
Yikes, so many doctors appointments!

I have also had to have so many blood draws as I mentioned earlier due to my platelet count. Well, the doctor told me that in order to get an epidural that my platelet number has to be 100. I haven't been over 100 many times at all since I was diagnosed with lupus. My numbers are consistently in the 90s and drop to the 70s when I have a flare! Oh geez....time to put my big girl panties on and accept that this may be a bit rougher labor!! I have been a little nervous about getting an epi anyway since mine stopped working with Addy and I had to have a second one put in that quit also. So it may be better for me to just go for it any way!

I am still sitting at a 1 pound gain.
I am feeling great and really enjoying working out right now!
I am doing an hour a day on the treadmill and it is so refreshing!

Elliotte is still my little laid back sweetie. I am feeling her movements much stronger, but not any more often. She is a slow mover and often just gives me nudges.

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