Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 20

Week 20

These post sure come fast and furious! Where does each week go?

I have officially gained 4 pounds! I have to admit that I am a little worried that those 2 pounds came so quick! That is nearly 2 weeks since the last weigh in though. I am really behind this time! I knew I wouldn't have trouble packing on the pounds! But I managed to stay under 5 pounds for the whole first half of pregnancy so I feel good about that! :)

Elliotte has nestled underneath my right hip and settled in for the long haul I'm afraid. It is quite painful to sit down because I am pretty sure I am cracking her in half when I do. But she refuses to move out of the way!! Other than that, she's still a partyier in the womb!!

Holding steady. I am considering ordering some prenatal videos because an hour on the treadmill every day is getting a little monotonous.

Yeah, gone are the days...or nights rather!

I had to take it easy the beginning of this week and didn't even workout on Monday because I began contracting so bad Sunday. It was super intense, but very sporadic. It carried into Monday all day and sometimes it was hard enough to make me think I was in labor! :) (I obviously forgot what the 'real' ones feel like!!) They have mostly subsided other than the occasional contraction. I think I just overdid it with the wedding and dancing and not sleeping all last weekend.

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