Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3 Year Well Check

I still can't believe this little beauty is 3 years old!
This past week we made a super quick trip to Lubbock to see our pediatrician once more so we don't have to worry too much about switching right away. I am sure you are shocked, but Miss Addy is a petite little thing!

The stats of the last three years:

1yr-19 lbs..........10th Percentile
2yr-23 lbs..........5th Percentile
3yr-27 lbs..........3rd Percentile

1 yr-28.2".........45th Percentile
2yr-32.5"..........25th Percentile
3yr-34.5"...........5th Percentile

As you can tell she is dropping in percentiles every year...barely still on the charts at this point. The doctor seemed most concerned by her height and you can see that although she grew...there is a definite drop in the growth curve. However, after visiting with us and Addy, he seemed less concerned. She is hitting all developmental milestones with no problems. She is very communicative and intellectually, she is smart as a whip! He mentioned vitamins again and just seemed to think we were just going to have a tiny little girl!

I was SO proud of Addy at this appointment. Every since her hospitalization at 6 mos. for RSV she has HATED doctors offices. Her 2 year visit consisted of Bradley and I pinning her down to get anything done. We did a lot of talking about everything they would check and she has been to all my appointments with me lately so she was very prepared. This year she just did everything asked of her and was such a champ!

My sweet little firecracker! We love your so much and can't wait to see you continue to grow and mature! What a big sister you will be!

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