Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 16

Week 16 is here! 4 months down.....less than 5 to go!!

This week was fun for Bradley!
Remember how I said this little girl is not really a 'mover?'
Well, the other night laying in bed I was messing with her to try and get a little reaction. When all of a sudden she gave a good hard kick that I felt from the inside AND outside! I quickly yelled at Bradley to come running...he shoved around on her for a minute and then she gave him a good quick little wiggle and kick!
And then she settled back in her comfy spot and was off to dreamland again I guess!! :)

It's crazy how quick everything is changing the second time around.
I'm pretty sure if I had done a board with Addy it would say
 "Week 16...still puking!" Haha!
I didn't even feel the first flutters with Addy until 18 weeks!!

This week, I am back down a half pound. So half a pound gained.
Feeling good still, a few bad waves of nausea this week...really random.
I am really starting to get excited to start getting ready for this girly!
Addy is the best big sister ever already!
Every night she prays for her baby sister and is constantly asking about her, and when we get to go shopping for baby stuff!
I am going to the high risk doctor on Tuesday, where they will confirm the gender.
As long as this girly didn't grow any new parts we will tell everyone her name next week!
Got a call from the doctor that my platelets are still too low, so they are going to keep repeating the blood work every two weeks! Oy! Soooo tired of seeing needles coming at me!
Speaking of needles...I have to learn to give myself the shot this week since Bradley is going to be gone next weekend. Pray for me!! I am handling the shots really well, but having trouble stomaching the thought of 'stabbing myself'!

And final note..
Addy asked me last night after my shot if her sister was crying because it hurt!!
Sweet girl!

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