Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 15

Week 15 was a really exciting one....


I had another appointment and sonogram this week and they did the routine sonogram. This time I begged politely asked if they would take a peek at baby! They sweetly obliged!! I held my breath the entire time she was looking!! The sono tech was very sure that this baby is another sweet little girl!
Of course, after the appointment the big sis and I had to hit up Target!

Since Bradley was in court all day and didn't get to attend this appt, Addy and I rushed home and wrapped up all the goodies we bought! Addy was one excited little girl to have such a big secret!!
 When he got home Addy couldn't wait to help him open this present!
 I think he was speechless!! Bradley was pretty sure this one was a boy!!
We are both so excited to welcome another little girl into our home! I think we both felt a sigh of relief. We know we can raise a girl!! I won't lie though. I did cry most of the way home after the appointment! Stupid hormones! I went from elated to having two sweet daughters to wondering how I would ever survive the teenage years!! Haha!

In Bradley's words, I guess God thinks we done an OK job raising Addy if he plans to give us a second daughter!! Haha! I love his positive thinking!

Ruffles and Bows, Pink and Purple, Pearls and high heels!
I already love this little girl so much! I can't wait to see her and learn her little personality!

As for Week 15...
I have gained one pound!
I am feeling swift little kicks.
This little girl is definitely not the mover (yet) that Addy was!!
Baby girl was so laid back at this sonogram too!
I am feeling great and growing away!
Addy loves talking about her sister and calling her by name!
(Which we will reveal soon!)
Baby is the size of a large orange.
8.8 cm to be exact (as of Thursday!)
Heartbeat was 152 at the appt.

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  1. Yay! How exciting! Addy is going to be a wonderful big sister. I love reading about all of your updates. It makes me feel like I can live vicariously through you until we decide to have another one :-) Miss ya girl!