Friday, July 13, 2012

Rainbow Party

Addy turned the big 3!!
She had a rainbow party this year!
This will be a picture overload post!
We are so thankful to be back around family so we can celebrate with them all!
 Addy is one blessed and loved little girl!

She was so excited about her cake! It was so pretty! This is pre-party we snapped some silly pictures of Addy. I have to brag and say that I did make her outfit!! It was so overwhelming to get started on! My sweet mother in law got me going and helped me get all the fabric cut out!
 We rainbowed up the house! Again thanks to my inlaws! I know they wanted to call me crazy, but instead worked so hard to make this a perfect party!

 The Anderle crew! This is the best picture we have gotten of these goofballs!

 The cake tasted amazing and was absolutely beautiful!! Exactly what I wanted!!

 Then Addy got to open presents! She was so excited and the unwrapping just got faster and more furious as she went! Thanks to everyone who spoiled this little girl rotten!!

 Addy Rae,
What a light of our life you have been! You are the most fun and spunky little girl! We constantly are cracking up at your wild ideas!! I love how willing you are to help out and how much you love your family!! Daddy & I love watching you grow into such an awesome little girl!
Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

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