Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Rudolph's Story

We are beyond ecstatic that we will be adding to our family at the end of this year. Bradley and I decided in February after he received his new job offer that it was time to start trying for Baby #2! We got pretty lucky and got pregnant the second month of trying.

However, we lost that baby on March 31st. Our hearts were saddened in a way we have never experienced before. It was a roller coaster of emotions. The pregnancy was a very early loss. The baby never even grew big enough for the heart to start beating and was classified as a 'chemical pregnancy.' I really hate that term...but it was. My progesterone levels were very low, so they felt this may have been why the baby didn't stick.

We were given the go ahead by my doctor to begin trying again right away! I was put on a progesterone supplement to help the baby implant.  I have had several people make remarks about the fact that my husband and I were living 300 miles away! We are that good! :) I got very in tuned with my body and let's just say my hubby was always ready to see me on the weekends! (OK, now I am blushing..)

On Saturday, April 28th two very dark pink lines showed up. In our joy, we were super nervous. I began seeing my doctor every week to test my blood counts.

We had plans to head home the first weekend in May to spend time with our families. Although it was early in the pregnancy, we learned from our miscarriage that we wanted and needed the support of our families if something were to happen. So we put Addy in her Big Sister shirt and sent out to the wolves! Haha! It was so funny watching everyone catch on! (Bloated much? Ugh!)
 Happy Mother's Day to me!!

A few weeks in and I had a scare. I thought I was losing this baby too. I left school and rushed to the Dr's. office. They immediately took blood and did a sonogram. I don't think I took a breath the whole time she pushed that wand around my belly... until I saw the sweetest little bean shaped baby! And even better than that was the littlest flicker of a heartbeat! All was well!
This pregnancy has been a roller coaster with several other scares. Week 8 consisted of a big move so the next few weeks were chaos. I found time to make the board each's just fun! But I would wait so long to take the picture that it was the next week nearly! So here is Addy with our milestones for 8, 9, and 10!
 This was after my appointment with the new doctor in Keller. We got to see our little one again and the baby was measuring BIG! They moved my due date up a few days and it is officially January 3rd.
 Somewhere along the way Addy has named this baby Rudolph. It came from us trying to help her understand time. We told her it would be about Christmas when the baby came. Like Rudolph?? Of course...and it stuck! She is absolutely ecstatic about this baby and changes her mind quite frequently on if its a brother or sister. She has been stuck on sister for quite some time though....

Follow us on this journey to a family of 4...Week 11 and 12 are coming soon!!


  1. We couldn't be happier for you and your sweet family! Praise God for his provision in this pregnancy! If only we lived closer we could have wee ones together. :)

  2. Very happy for you all! Best of luck on your journey x

  3. January 3rd?! Yay! That's your favorite aunt's birthday. Love the blog; glad all is well!

  4. What a wonderful family you all seem! Excited for the baby... best luck!!!
    Nice meeting you all!