Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Reunion

We got to attend the Anderle Family Reunion on Saturday. Living away for so many years, we often have missed this great event! We whipped out some cute Anderle Gang shirts the night before, which may have resulted in a really late night, but we had lots of fun getting this done via assembly line!
I got lots of pictures of Bradley's immediate family, but unfortunately none of the extended family. Isn't that what a family reunion is for??

Since all the grandkids were in the same place at the same time...we had to get some group pictures!

And the individuals families in order of the brothers!

The only brother missing was the youngest, Gary and his fiance Lindsey.
It was a great day hanging out with all the Anderle's!! And I mean ALL the ANDERLE'S!!!

BTW-I have to throw in this piece of Anderle Trivia!
On Bradley's side is an Anderle!!
And even better than that is...Addy is the ONLY one that will ever get married and change her name! The rest are boys!
(And its gonna be a while before she goes a changin' her name!)
How cool is that!

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