Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week 11

Before you start calling CPS making assumptions about what we have been up to here in the Anderle family...let me explain! :)

It really seems crazy how I could have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby and then in 2 years, my body rebels in every way possible! In addition to the lupus I have a blood clotting disorder (or two). I have been on an aspirin a day for over a year now to aid in blood thinning.

There is great risk in being pregnant. Basically, my risk of losing this baby does not decrease at 12 weeks like the average Joe. If I were to clot it could kill the baby. Which is why my miscarriage was very alarming to Bradley & I. There is a very good chance that it was not due to a blood clot. It was more of the realization that things may not be smooth sailing to get another baby here!

Enter the needles...that's right. I am getting a nightly dose of blood thinner via a shot by my hubby. It has been an interesting experience. Live and learn right? Sounds like a plan until you become the human pincushion! The first week of this has been SO painful! Massive bruises and the medicine itselfs stung like crazy! We are getting better, faster, and smoother at it though! Bradley has channeled his inner doctor and become a pro at making it a fast painless process!

Unfortunately, I will inevitably have one sore tummy throughout this pregnancy. Although this picture does not do it justice, you get an idea. Several of them are already fading. But I also haven't been bruising as bad.
The good news is that I may not have to continue to do this the whole pregnancy. They will continue to monitor my blood and make decisions as we go. Or it could be necessary until 6 weeks post partum...which is more standard.  It could result in a very early delivery, or only 2 weeks early. 38 weeks is the longest I will carry this baby. The last two weeks bring a very great risk of still born. So for sure this baby will be here by December 20th!

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