Monday, May 28, 2012

Farewell Lubbock!

What a bittersweet weekend it was for the Anderle family! We packed up all of our belongings, loaded a trailer to the brim and pulled away from Lubbock on Saturday morning with a final farewell! We were filled with mixed emotions. Tears streamed down my face I as was having flashbacks of all the fun times that were spent in our college town, turned home. We have made invaluable friendships, and will definitely be planning some trips back to continue to see those special people!

Before we left Lubbock a very dear friend, Natalie, took some family pictures of us. We headed back to where it all began...Texas Tech!! It was very sureal to me. I just kept giggling to myself that the last time we took pictures on that campus we were newly engaged. Wow! Life has changed a lot during our time in Lubbock!

Here is one of our first Tech pictures!

And our family of three now!
What a precious addition we made...if I do say so myself!!!

And this one melts my heart everytime I look at it!! What a daddy's girl!

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