Monday, April 30, 2012


And here we are at the end of April...where has it gone?
I, for one, am very glad these weeks are flying by! I am so ready to be living with my husband again!!

April started with major excitement. My sister welcomed her first born, Barrett Wesley!! It was so fun to be there for her! This is one major cutie! He has a dimple that will wrangle hearts!
Addy's new baby bath from Barrett...she LOVES this thing! Babies get baths more than her now!

And Easter...I have no proof of all the easter egg hunts! But this is an absolutely adorable picture of Addy and John Lofton at church.

Addy also just had her program at Superkids. It was a picnic theme, and was adorable! Addy met up with her best bud Kason. This girl has some charming boys to hang out with! Unforunately, I have no pictures of Addy on stage because I was trying to video.

But guess who came in early to see the show!! Addy was so excited that her daddy got to watch her perform!!

 There is so much more going on that I just haven't even stop to take a picture or document! Yay for May! Four more weeks until this family of 3 is reunited!!

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