Friday, June 15, 2012

South Padre

Bradley has been so blessed by his job! He is loving it very much and I must say that it makes me happy that he loves what he does! His awesome firm takes a trip each summer to South Padre for a conference. There is a little bit of work that is involved, but mostly lots of fun! I was able to tag along and they even welcome families on the trip. Bradley and I decided to take a much needed vacation to spend some time together. We left Addy in the great hands of my parents! I was a bit of a wreck since we had never both left her for any kind of extended stay! She was perfect of course! She had such a blast spending time with my family all week!

Bradley & I enjoyed some very refreshing time in a resort directly on the ocean! It was so awesome!
We saw some amazing sunsets over the ocean!

Go- carting on a huge wooden track that went about 3 stories high!

 Hanging out catching some waves!

Enjoying a catamaran cruise with the group!

We ate SOO much yummy food! These folks new the best places to go! They said this was the 26th year for this trip!!

 This was perhaps the best part of the trip. These four are the new associates. The two in the middle were hired last year and the two on the outside where just hired at the first of this year. None of them had attended a Padre trip until this year. In order to break them in right, the partners and senior associates decided they needed to do a little karaoke for everyone! It was hilarious!!!! Such a fun group of people!
Bradley & I thoroughly enjoyed our trip! Best part was that the firm provided everything! Food, drinks, excursions, and rooms! This was an absolute blast of a week! I am so excited to get to know these great people better over the years!
(There is a long story as to why my husband doesn't have flip flops on and is sporting the tennis shoes...)
Until next year!!

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