Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potty Progress

We are making potty progress!! I am so proud of Miss Addy! She is a potty training champ!

Day 1- SUPER excited to get up and see her goody tub. LOVED the Elmo panties and has wore them proudly! Of course, I did a whole load of Elmos last night due the MANY accidents we had. However, we also had 2 successful potty trips!!

Day 2- Much more aware, telling me she needed to potty, even if it was mid-stream. We were able to manage to get to potty and finish many times. Twice she told me BEFORE she started and we went on the potty. The kicker...once she went into the bathroom and sat on her potty. I was watching, but she had her baby with her so I thought she was just playing. She looks at me all proud and says, Tee-tee!! I was a little skeptical, but she stood up and sure enough!! She went all by herself...even if she forgot to pull her panties down! :)

She is picking it up so fast! I have spent SO much of my time in the bathroom with her...but I have to keep reminding myself that this will be so short lived and life will be so much easier when its done!! I am so proud of how fast she is picking it up!! YAY ADDY!!

Check out all those stickers!!
 She is helping Elmo get down with the Potty Dance!

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