Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mommy, Wow!! I'm A Big Kid NOW!!!

Tomorrow we take the plunge...into the realm of BIG Girls!!
No more diapers for this little BIG girl!
Addy will be one VERY excited little girl in the morning when she discovers her ELMO PaNtiES, and all her other Potty Goodness! Elmo makes things happen around here!!

We have been working on pottying a little here and there, and got her to use it twice yesterday, but tomorrow is the BIG day!!

We got her the Elmo Potty Time movie, Elmo panties, Elmo stickers for her Potty chart, and her all time favorite candy, M&Ms
**Disclaimer: I know I am completely ridiculous and probably a little pathetic over how excited I got doing this tonight, but we are jumping completely into potty training, and so we are making it a BIG deal!! This is as much a pep rally for myself as it is for her! Here goes...**

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