Friday, June 10, 2011

Quad Party

I had a girls night out Thursday (except not really out because it was at my house). I got together with 3 super great teacher friends!! We met at Tech as we all had our first semester of teaching blocks together, and managed to keep each other sane all the way through student teaching, and celebrated our graduation together! We haven't all been together, since... well before Addy was born!! These girls are definitely the type of friends that I just picked right up with like I still see them everyday! Danie has had SO much change in her life since we met last, and a shower was well overdue! We didn't want to forget anything so we combined a bachelorette, bridal, masters graduation, and baby shower!!
It was our own version of a QUAD PARTY!!
We started the night with the bachelorette party!!
Moving right into the Bridal shower
Masters Graduation Party...GO TECH!!!
And finally, the baby shower! She is due in August with baby BOY...and I have never seen a cuter preggo!
I had so much fun Lisa, Danie, & Haley! It definitely doesn't need to be another 2 years!!  Love you girls!!

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