Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ski Trip

I am totally playing catch up here. Blogging has totally taken a backseat to, well everything lately. I don't know if you all missed it too, but I don't think February showed up this year. If it did, I missed it. And here its almost April...whaaat?!

Well MaNy weekends ago we got to go on a mini-vacay to Ruidoso. It was the first time Bradley or I had gone. We went with two other families from our church. Bradley was going to ski for the first time and he was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Addy and I had been sick with flu all week and we were a little under the weather. We drove in late Friday night. On Saturday, the Blount's (the brains of this operation) took Bradley and Jeff skiing. Both were first-timers. From what I hear they picked it up quickly and no one got too injured! Gina and I spend the EnTiRe day at the cabin. We never left and didn't even get out of our jammies until after our nap. Yes, we both laid down with our little ones and enjoyed some major mama relaxation! It was so great to hang out and enjoy such a friendship!

Skiiers headed out to the slopes

Addy and John Lofton hanging out eating some raisins

Enjoying some mountain air

My mini-me sweet girl that looks NOTHING like me!

Can you see how hard Addy is laughing at him! She thinks he is SO funny!

Our cleaning crew...thank goodnes we travel with the brooms!

The young 'ens enjoying some Mickey-D's with there daddy's. (I am pretty sure they are just looking down, but as tired as they were after skiing, they may be catching some zzzzz's! haha!)
Back off ladies, this cutie is already taken!! :)

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