Saturday, March 19, 2011

Date Night

Bradley and I really haven't had many date nights since Addy was born. My sister is the only family we have in Lubbock, so when she is busy Addy is usually just in tow.
However, over spring break my parents kept Addy for the evening and Bradley and I got to go out. We headed to the nearest Cinemark.
It was such a treat!! I have not been to a movie in a theater since before Addy was born!!
No lie! It has been years!! I am not much of a movie gal anyway. We don't even have our DVD player hooked up at home, its shoved in a chest (i think)...
But it was fun!! So much fun that we did a double header! First we watched Just Go with It!! I loved it! SO cute. Then we watched Hall Pass. eh...not much to say on that one except that it was rated R, which I didn't realize, and apparently most of the funny parts, in my (totally worthless) opinion we on the previews. I am an Owen Wilson fan, but definitely not my favorite at all!

 In between movies we ran across the street and enjoyed a drink at this super cute restaurant and bar called Los Toreros. After a few attempts to get a picture with the name in the background...we gave up and went back for Movie #2.
Thanks to my parents for letting us have a night out!

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