Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we love about Sundays!

We love Sundays around here. We love sleeping in. We love the fellowship with close friends, and the worship with our Lord. We love going out to eat with those same friends that provide much needed support and friendship. We love how quiet the house gets as we all lay down with full bellies and enjoy a 3 hour nap. We love getting Addy up from nap with the wildest hair you have ever seen. We love that dinner is usually whatever we can find, and we sit in the living room to eat it. We love spending time together, even if its whipping up a batch of muffins, and then eating nearly the whole batch. We love calling the evening early, as Addy lays down and drifts off to sleep. Then Bradley and I love to finish watching a NCIS episode together as we fold another load of laundry. We love that Sunday provides us with physical rest and spiritual rejuvenation. We also just love having the afternoon to lock ourselves in our house, put down the to-do list and take a little time to cherish the time spent together. It is a good thing that Sunday is the prelude to Monday. We LOVE Sundays around here!!

Loving some muffin!
Post Nap time hair do...Hello Einstein!
This is the CHEESE pose!
Every kid needs that one Blackmail picture. Here is Addy's. I asked her to wink at me. The mouth full of muffin only added to the hilarity of the photo. She will thank me one day!

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